Common Mistakes Clients Make When Filing Car Accident Claims

Did you get involved in an accident? With the continuous increase in the number of road users, you can’t be too careful while driving on the highway. Accidents can damage a car, sometimes beyond repair.

In the event of an accident, you should endeavor to inform your insurance company and fill them in on the details. It is quite unfortunate to say that many people make avoidable mistakes when filing car accident claims Tacoma.

Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid

The Fear of Facing a Jury

It is a car accident case and not a murder case. A civil claim, like a car accident claim, will most likely not go to a trial. And it eventually goes to trial; you will be facing a judge, not a jury. However, less than 2% of car accident claims go to trial.

The few claims that go to trial usually involve paying off a huge sum of money or a situation where the insurance company sense that the claimant acts dishonestly.

Assuming Your Lawyer Will Take Your Case to Heart

This is not usually the case. In the event that you have to involve a dedicated lawyer or broker to handle your case, bear in mind that he may have other cases at his desk that requires his attention as well.

If this is the case, make sure you reach out to your lawyer regularly to nudge him. The easiest option is to go with a legal practitioner handling fewer claims. If your favorite option seems engaged, try another one.

Not Asking Questions

Some people hold back on asking questions because they feel it is stupid of them to ask. This is your claim and you should get an answer to every question asked. You have the right to know. Ask questions on legal terminologies that seem complicated. Be free to ask your lawyer any questions regarding your car accident claim.

Assuming the Car Accident Claim Will be Easy

This is somewhat true, especially for car accident claims. This type of claim isn’t as rigorous as other claims. However, there are instances when you might be dealing with complex claims.

You never know whether or not the claim might end up at the court as you can never be too sure how your insurance company will respond to your claims.

Discarding Evidence

After an accident, the first thing to do is to collect key evidence. It should be considered a crime scene where every piece of evidence is preserved. Take pictures and video clips with your smartphone, Take note of everything.

Take pictures of the car’s position if possible. You need to be articulate because as a claimant you need to prove that you’re not the at-fault party. If possible, invest in a dashcam to record activities while on the road. The more evidence gathered, the greater your chances of getting full compensation.

To increase your chances of getting your deserved compensation, avoid these common mistakes.

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