Seeing a Car Accident Claim to Settlement

A well-informed driver knows his rights and responsibilities after getting involved in an accident caused by the negligent act of another. One of the things you should do is to collect information about the other driver’s insurance information. Once done, you can file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company. Luckily, you can find a good number of companies that specialize in car accident claims Oklahoma City.

The other driver’s insurance company will reach out and offer compensation. So how do you know if you got a fair deal? It’s simple, get an expert in! Generally, an insurance company will want to pay an unfair amount, lower than what you rightly deserve.

Negotiating with an insurance company can be overwhelming, but it can be fun if you are better informed.

Take Notes

Be sure to gather as much evidence as possible. Document every step, starting from taking pictures of the damaged cars and collecting the other driver’s insurance information. If you fail to collect this information, then you can’t file a claim.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the situation, get the police involved. If you sustain several degrees of injuries, reach out to your doctor.

Be sure to document everything so as to further strengthen your car accident claims.

File the Claim

File a car accident claim with the other driver’s insurance company. What happens if the at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance coverage or is underinsured? The next option will be to contact your insurance company for compensation. Call an expert in car accident claims Oklahoma City to start this process.

Check Your Mail Regularly

When you’ve successfully filed a claim, the insurance company will send you a mail acknowledging it and reassuring you about their commitment to resolve the issue within the shortest time possible. Once it gets to this point, then you might want to involve a professional lawyer to fast-track the process.

Regardless of how accurate the information you provided and no matter how far you are when making your claim, the insurance company will refuse your claim and would want to pay a lower amount against your initial offer.

At this stage, you will have to start negotiating with the insurer.


If you sustained bodily harm or property damage, be sure to include the additional expenses incurred in the process of getting your health back in shape. Also, state any lost income during this time. As a norm, the insurance company will assign one of their representatives to ascertain the genuineness of the claims.

Note that an insurance company will always offer a lower amount but it’s the norm. Don’t let that get to you. It’s up to you to either accept or reject their offer. If you reject the offer, then you’d go back to the negotiation table. If at the end of it all both parties were unable to reach a consensus, you might need to file a lawsuit.

Always remember that an insurance claim requires patience and self-confidence. If you can’t handle the rigors, hire a qualified individual who is knowledgeable about car accident claims in Oklahoma City. They will face the hurdles on your behalf.

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