What are the 5 Advantages of Solar Power in California?

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Solar energy usage has been taking over the world due to its positive effect on the environment. More and more people are shifting to solar energy because of the high cost of non-renewable sources. Before shifting to solar energy, check on the advantages and disadvantages so you can weigh if a solar panel is for you. Solar power in California is ideal since there are mostly sunny days in the year so you can maximize your solar energy usage. 

5 Advantages of Solar Power in California

Solar power is pollution-free and causes no greenhouse gases to be emitted after installation

The reason why non-renewable energy is not being tolerated as a source of energy nowadays is because of the big carbon footprint it leaves after getting utilized. Its contribution to toxicity in the environment is high. As for solar energy, it is environmentally friendly since there are no greenhouse gases emitted after you use them. Some may find a minimal amount but not enough to cause pollution and damage to the environment. The environment has already been wrecked due to non-renewable energy sources that’s why they are now diverting to renewable energy to help the environment recover. 

Reduced dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels

The reason why non-renewable energy has a high cause is because of its supply and demand. The demand is high since electricity has been part of people’s lives, however, the source is getting scarce. Therefore the cost keeps soaring high. The most common non-renewable saucer is fossil fuels and foreign oil. However as solar panel prices become lower, they are now recommended to residents in California so they can shift to a cheaper source of energy. Renewable energy is cheaper because there is no scarcity in its source, the sun is up every day and it can supply enough energy to everyone. 

Renewable clean power is available every day of the year, even on cloudy days produces some power

In California, there are more sunny days in the year and it is an ideal place to have solar panels. The best part about solar panels is they can still harvest energy despite not having sunny days. They can still generate energy during cloudy days although the energy is lower. The point is they never go zero when it comes to harvesting energy every day. 

Return on investment unlike paying for utility bills

The return for investment for solar panels is around 5 to 7 years from purchase. The return of investment can be taken from the savings you get from lowering your bills to up to 100%. Electricity bills never cease to increase every month and yet people still deal with it since it’s a need. However, now that there is a good alternative then they have a choice. Solar panels’ upfront cost may be pricey but they are worth it and you can get your expense back unlike when you opt to stick to relying on the electricity grid as your source of power. 

Virtually no maintenance as solar panels last over 30 years

Since Solar panels have no moving parts, it requires virtually no maintenance. Solar panels when regularly cleaned and inspected will require very little maintenance. As long as the solar panels are not blocked by any elements such as dust accumulation or dried leaves and any elements that can block the solar panel then they can perform their function which is to harvest energy from the sun. Having blockage on the PV cells of the solar panels can decrease their efficiency. Plus as long as the solar panel’s system is being monitored and immediately addressed if there is a slight issue then maintenance will not be hard. 

The question: what are the 5 advantages of solar power in California? Has already been answered that you can now start talking to your solar provider to have that solar panel on your roof. So you can reap the benefits that await you once you have them. Investing in a solar panel can save you a lot of money and be able to solve your issues with the skyrocketing bills that you get every month. So shift to solar energy usage now and never regret it. 

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