What Are the Things to Look For When Test Driving a Car.

Buying a new car is a dream come true for many and a regrettable move for others. If you don’t want to be among the latter, then you should consider a pre purchase car inspection Maine. A must-do during an inspection is the test drives.

Test drives can be overwhelming; you are driving a new car and more importantly, you chose the car of your dreams. What more could you ask for?

Don’t be sentimental when test driving a car. Test drive as many cars that fit your budget and taste while at the dealership. Driving several cars will allow you to see things in their real sense and revive your objectiveness.

A car is an investment that will likely be in your possession for at least a year. Test driving the cars will give you a great idea of the problems that you are likely to face after a few days or weeks of driving.

Before the Test Drive

Take your time on your test drive. Do not test drive hastily. Before you decide to take on the steering wheels, you might want to conduct a thorough pre-purchase car inspection in Maine once again. Areas to check include

  • Oil leakage. Oil spray or stain in the engine compartment is a tell-tale sign of oil leaks.
  • Balding tires. Be prepared to replace bald tires with a new one – an avoidable expense if you had done your inspection thoroughly initially. If you are lucky to find bald tires before making payment, ask your dealer to replace them or request a bargain
  • Wear and Tear. All moving parts are susceptible to wear and tear. However, proper maintenance will make it last longer. Check moving parts such as the suspension to see if they are in great condition. If otherwise, look elsewhere.

Other areas to check include the condition of the doors, trunk, windows, power door locks, and hood. Do not forget to also check for rust damage. You can see noticeable signs when you lift the floor mats.

In the Driver’s Seat

One of the tricks used mostly by dealers while on a test drive is to turn on the radio, thus distracting you. Don’t fall for this trick. Turn off the radio as you’re about heading out.

Common signs to look out for while test-driving include

  • How’s the engine performance? Is the sound perfect? Is the engine idling high?
  • Step on the brakes. Are they soft or solid? Engage the emergency brakes to see if they can hold the vehicle on sloppy roads.
  • Next is to check the condition of the transmission. How smooth was the transition each time the car switches to a higher gear? Does the transmission give off unusual sound? Engage the car in reverse gear and see how it performs
  • Take the vehicle to a dead-end road to make a quick u-turn. This will give you an idea whether or not the power steering works perfectly. If you feel an odd sound coming from the steering, then you are more likely dealing with power steering issues.

After the test drive, buying the car is your decision to make. If you don’t feel comfortable with the car, try another dealership

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